Zoom Master Services Agreement

Zoom Marketplace. The Zoom Marketplace, available on marketplace.zoom.us, is a website hosted by Zoom to provide access to applications (the „Applications“) created by third parties („Publishers“) that are interoperable with the Zoom Services and to make them available through mobile and desktop client applications. Access to and use of the Zoom Marketplace and Zoom for Developers websites (available on developer.zoom.us) are subject to separate terms and conditions available on zoom.us/service. In addition to testing compatibility with Zoom, Zoom does not perform any other tests and does not guarantee or endorse applications. Publishers are solely responsible for all aspects of the applications they publish, including content, features, availability, and support. Publishers are required to provide their own terms of use, privacy policies, and support information („Publisher Terms of Use“). Customers who access or download the apps must complete the Publisher`s Terms of Service directly with the Publisher. Zoom is not responsible for the Applications, their content, functionality, availability or support. The Applications are hosted „as is“ and the use of the Applications is at the Customer`s own risk, subject to the Publisher`s Terms.

Apps can become unavailable or deleted by a publisher at any time, and any data stored in them can be lost or inaccessible. Zoom is not responsible for customer data transferred to a publisher or for the transmission, collection, disclosure, security, modification, use or deletion of customer data by or through an application. Publishers may use customer data in accordance with the publisher`s terms. The use of the Applications may require the transfer of Customer Data to the Publisher, and by accessing and using the Application, the Customer consents to the transfer of Customer Data via Zoom at the Request of the Publisher. Zoom does not support apps. The customer should contact the publisher for help or questions. Zoom makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Apps and reserves the right to remove an App from the Marketplace at any time and in its sole discretion What steps can companies take to lubricate riders for future work with customers? Prepare a framework service contract that describes the basic conditions of the work to be performed. Some companies find that this boosts their business. „When I started my business, I used several different contractual agreements from different sources,“ says Silkoff. „This led to a lot of headaches at all levels when the legal wording wasn`t consistent or when a particular model didn`t match what I wanted for my business.“ Zoom for the government.

Zoom for Government is the Zoom meeting service offered by Zoom in a FedRAMP-enabled cloud environment. Zoom for Government enables customers to use a limited version of Zoom Meeting Services in a separate, FedRAMP-compliant cloud environment hosted on Amazon Web Services Government Cloud and Zoom`s (e.B co-located data centers in San Jose, California, and New York, regardless of Zoom`s standard commercial cloud environment. Other features, functionality, and solutions are described in zoom.us/government. Zoom for Government does not currently include the availability of cloud recordings and transcripts of cloud recordings, although Zoom may continue to develop feature parity between Zoom and Zoom meeting services for government. In addition, Zoom does not currently offer its Zoom or Zoom Marketplace phone services as FedRAMP compliant. Zoom Meeting Services and Zoom for Government are independent environments, so no data can be exchanged between them, including but not limited to instant messaging data or chat data. If a lawsuit is brought against Customer alleging that the Self-Service Solution infringes a patent granted on the Effective Date or any copyright, trademark or trade secret of a third party, UserZoom will indemnify Customer against all damages, losses, liabilities, settlements, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable costs and attorneys` fees) („Losses“), defend and indemnify to the extent that this happens to the customer in connection with it. claim for damages; provided that UserZoom is not obligated by this sentence to the extent that such breach results from (a) the use of the Self-Service Solution in combination with technologies or services not provided by UserZoom, (b) a breach of Section 3(c) or (c) customer Content.

UserZoom`s obligations under this Agreement shall be governed by: (x) Customer shall notify UserZoom of the claim within a reasonable time after Customer becomes aware of the claim (however, the absence or delay in notification does not release UserZoom`s indemnification obligations unless such absence or delay has caused significant damage to UserZoom); (y) UserZoom has exclusive control over the defense of the Claim, including objections and any negotiation, settlement or compromise; and (z) Customer shall provide UserZoom with the reasonable support, information and authority necessary to perform the foregoing. The client may be represented at the client`s expense by a lawyer of the client`s selection. If a claim of violation described in this section has been made, Customer authorizes UserZoom, at UserZoom`s option: (i) to obtain the right to continue using the allegedly infringing item; (ii) replace or modify the allegedly infringing object in order to remedy the infringement while providing a functionally equivalent service; or (iii) if any of the above is not commercially reasonable, terminate the relevant Purchase Order and provide Customer with a prorated amount of all prepaid subscription fees with respect to the Self-Service Solution based on the period between the date Customer was unable to use the Self-Service Solution and the end of the period for which Customer paid in advance for such a self-service Solution. use; Repay. In connection with Customer`s use of the Self-Service Solution, UserZoom will provide the following related services (collectively, the „Related Services“) during the applicable Subscription Period: „A master service agreement has been one of the most critical factors in our scaling,“ explains Sean Pour, co-founder of the Autokauf Service. I say it was responsible for an increase of about 70% in activity,“ he says, because the company was able to work much faster. Otherwise, we would not have been able to recruit so many people to work with our team nationally. » Beta Services.

Zoom may, from time to time, offer access to beta services. Access to and use of beta versions may be subject to additional agreements. Zoom makes no representation that a beta will ever be made generally available and reserves the right to discontinue or modify a beta version at any time without notice. .

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