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We are located in a new 14,000 m² facility that houses a workshop, a materials library and an exhibition space. Our showroom is a 2 bed condominium model with a double living room! It`s absolutely beautiful! We can have our discussion in our showroom, in the material library or in the workshop. But you don`t need to come to the JS carpentry workshop for discussions if it makes you uncomfortable. But you definitely miss it! When dealing with JS Carpentry, remove a layer and work directly with the carpenters. You will receive direct workshop carpentry prices. For this reason, we are usually cheaper than ID cards and contractors for the same piece of carpentry. We charge a small fee for rendered 3D perspectives. Idds and contractors provide a valuable service in the design of the entire space, the design of the different elements of the renovation, assistance in the choice of materials, the creation of beautiful brilliant 3D perspective drawings rendered by computer, the consultation on the renovation and the management of the entire renovation process, while a team of subcontractors is responsible for carrying out the work. To earn their share, their offer has a total margin of between 25 and 30% for all the work involved, including carpentry. Sometimes this supplement is also applied when carpentry work is carried out in-house within the ID or contracting company.

Start by emailing us at with your details or by calling us on +65 9488 5077 for a non-binding consultation. We prefer to make you an offer by email so that you are absolutely satisfied with our estimates before your meeting. You may want to visit our materials library and showroom at 184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 Level 2 Singapore 757514. You should definitely check out our updated website at for more information. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. Our last appointment is at 6pm. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Skyy Design is staffed by our in-house designers, printing specialists and craftsmen, so we can offer a full range of services at competitive prices If you don`t have reference drawings for us, we suggest simple ideas at the non-designer level through old-fashioned pen sketches on paper.

Daniel Tan Senior Director of the Singapore Centre for Project and Exhibition Sciences Mr Pan has held a bachelor`s degree from Raffle College of Design and Commerce since 2012. He has many years of experience, from back-end design to front-end project management. Design is like a process from dating to marriage. Consider the following: For fifteen years we have been supporting our clients with design, printing, manufacturing, interior design and installation work We are a bespoke manufacturing production house based in Singapore You can find the following websites useful to get interior design and carpentry inspiration ideas for your own home. We apologize for not doing repair work, carpentry renovations and prototyping projects for students. Our minimum project amount is $3000 for base prices to be valid. For projects that do not meet the minimum, we may charge a minimal delivery fee. So even if we don`t offer a „design“ service like id, we can work together and produce the carpentry you have in mind. Copyright 2011-2020 Skyy Design Workshop Pte Ltd – All rights reserved.

Commercial Register 201107935E If you still have questions about our carpentry and renovation services, don`t forget to contact us or call our hotline so that we can give you answers. .

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